Casting Breakdown: Something Else

Film/Project Title:Something Else
Production Company: Ryan L. Terry
Production Type: Short Film
SAG Contract Type:Short Film Agreement
SAG Representative:Dave Fazekas
SAG Production Number: 239800
Production Medium: Digital Video
Filming Date(s): April 6, 2009
Filming Location(s): Lakeland, Florida
Pay: Deferred Pay
Benefits: DVD Copy of Film
Additional Notes: This is a student short film. By playing a role in this short film, the actor will leave the shoot with the feeling of a job well done, and the good feeling of helping an aspiring film maker.
Submission Deadline: March 23, 2009
Submission Instructions:Send headshot, resume, and a short essay (a paragraph will suffice) explaining why you want to be in an short student film.
Send Submission to:
Logline: This is a scene from the feature screenplay entitled “Something Else” by Rik Swartzwelder
Character: Bannister
Gender: Male
Description:Protagonist. White. Late twenties (or looks like it) with athletic build. He is a professional athlete who returns to his jerkwater hometown in Florida after being away for over ten years in Los Angeles. He is searching for “something” but finds that the town has changed since he left.
Role Requires Nudity?
Character: Shawn
Gender: Male
Description:Supporting role. White. Late twenties (or looks like it) with an athletic build. Shawn was best friends with Bannister, but he stayed in the town after Bannister left. A former athlete himself, he is jealous of Bannister’s success. He is lower middle class and has a family.
Role Requires Nudity?
Character: Gender:Jimbo
Supporting role. White. Late twenties (or looks like it) with a large build. Jimbo is a content carefree person. He was an athlete in high school, but has since let himself go. He likes to think he can sing, and tries to be the glue in relationships.
Role Requires Nudity?

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