Time to Go Home Casting

Casting Breakdown for Uggu Time To Go Home
Film/Project Title: Production Company:
Uggu Time To Go Home Ramesh Devu
Production Type: SAG Contract Type: SAG Representative: SAG Production Number:
Short Film Low Budget Agreement Fatna Sallak-Williams 00239841
Production Medium: Filming Date(s): Filming Location(s):
digital video 3/21/09-3/22/09 Fremont, Berkeley
Pay: Benefits: Additional Notes:
Minimums: $504 Per Day / $1752 Per Week Copy/Credit/Meal Shoot dates not finalized.
Submission Deadline: Submission Instructions: Send Submission to:
March 30, 2009 Headshot and resume. (n/a)
Successful wealthy man realizes the truth when everything is going right for him. He has to choose the path that will liberate him. Blocks and obstacles are inevitable and the challenge is how he overcomes them and frees himself.
Character: Gender:
Bob Male
Lead / Male / East Indian / 25 – 55 years

Description: Bob is ambitious, selfish, self-motivated, self-centered, courageous, ruthless, aggressive, and materialistic. He realizes the truth in middle of everything is his own life and plans to drop everything to get to his truth. He was raised in the USA.

Role Requires Nudity?
Character: Gender:
Rani Female
Co-Star / Female / East Indian / 25 – 35 years

Description: Rani’s husband, Bob, realizes the truth and plans to leave his business and family. Rani defends the idea in her role to save the family. Rani was raised in USA.
Role Requires Nudity?